Cheryl Fair Photographer/Filmmaker/Author

Mandy Fabrizi as an eight armed goddess

I am a photographer, film/video director, and author.

For more than 25 years, my promotional, event, and editorial photographs have been published in both mainstream and alternative newspapers and magazines in  North America and Europe. My work also appears in several books on alternative culture, and on numerous fashion and entertainment websites. My short films and music videos have appeared in film festivals, on broadcast television and as content on various websites.

I am the creator of the “Magical Realism Tarot” project, which combines my art photography with my writing, and interest in the metaphysical. It became a published 78 card tarot deck in 2015.

In January 2020 my first book was published. It is a non-fiction American history biography about my great great uncle, a pioneer who lived off the land in the frozen Far North for for nearly fifty years. Joe Quigley, Alaska Pioneer: Beyond the Gold Rush   is available from McFarland Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other bookseller sites.

All of my work is handled on a case by case basis, tailored the specifications of the assignment. I am located in Baltimore, MD, but am willing to travel to your location, if you prefer.